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The North Carolina AFL-CIO Central Labor Council (WNC CLC) is a branch of the  federation of labor, representing members of many labor unions throughout Western North Carolina.
The mission of the WNC CLC is to improve the lives of working families—to bring economic justice to the workplace and social justice to our state and the nation.  Read more...

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Good from Bad Water

Union members have been helping out Flint, Michigan, residents during its water crisis. Read the full article>>>

NC AFL-CIO Treasurer MaryBe McMillan and WNC-CLC President Mark Case speak to Union members at the candidate forum at Union HQ, Asheville, 11/1/2014.

 Dan McCurry's submitted testimony on Franking in WNC Mountains on behalf of the WNC Central Labor Council.  Dan is a member of the Traveling Musicians Union, and several other union/community groups here in WNC.  Dan grew up here in these mountains, works for several worker help organizations, active in the WNC-CLC, and knows the history of the labor movement here in WNC.  (Dan was authorized to speak on behalf of the WNC- Central Labor Council by President Mark V. Case.  Mark was attending the AFL-CIO State Meeting in Raleigh)

Dan eloquently submitted a written statement on the fracking subject in our WNC Mountains, that fully represents the concerns of workers here on fracking issues.  Thank you Dan for this history lesson on worker concerns form the past, present, and future on Fracking in these Mountains-  Mark V. Case (President- WNC,CLC,AFL-CIO


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 James Andrews (NC State AFL-CIO President) and Adam Orlovich (NC State Legislative Political Action Coordinator) visited the WNC-CLC and made an excellent presentation to our membership on the Unions action planning for 2014.

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 The Canary Coalitions's 2014 Annual Gathering- Wednesday, July 2, 2014 @ the Jackson County Public Library 210 Keener Street, in Sylva,NC.  Program- WAKE UP!  Songs of the Movement!

The Canary Coalition is a strong supporter of Unions in Western North Carolina.  Please see Picture Gallery for photo's of the event!

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The Koch Brothers

 Special thanks to UNCA Ramsey Library for the keeping this history of Western North Carolina's Union movement.  John E. Jervis was one of the organizers for the ENKA plant, former Union President of the ENKA plant, and Western North Carolina Union Council.  He was around for the merger of the AFL and CIO.  The interview completed by Dr. Louis D. Silveri not only gives us a view of the Union Movement in WNC; but also a view of WNC life through his eyes. Read more >>>

 North Carolina Senator Martin L. Nebitt

Final report for our NC Senator from Labor and Labor Leaders in Western North Carolina.

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The Asheville Processing and Distribution Plant located in Asheville, NC; and hundreds of other similar facilities around this country are in danger of being closed.  Result- Delayed Service to Citizens and Displaced Workers and Families!

Legislation- If we can get it on the floor would relieve the Postal Service from paying 75 years worth of retirement benefits in 10 years time ($5 Billion per Year), return overpayments in this account ($20 Billion plus) to the Postal Service, and possibly save the Service of the United States Postal Service.  It will take action of the citizens to encourage our legislators to co-sponsor this legislation!  Will you be a part!

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I wanted to write an article about a very special lady that I met at the Post Office.  To me she portrayed qualities that we should all have- A love and respect for one another, and a love for the freedom's of this country!  In our hectic fast paced society, we all sometimes forget the simplicity of what is truely important!

How did WNC and North Carolina Labor Endorsed Candidates do in election 2012?  A short summary of the 2012 elections in WNC!

What does the WNC-CLC, AFL-CIO represent?  The Unions of WNC, and more counties than any other CLC in North Carolina!  Our representation covers the 10th and 11th Congressional Districts, and 25 counties out of 100 in the State of North Carolina!  1/4 of our great State!  Our CLC made 21 local endorsements during this election, and the State AFL-CIO with 15 more.  36 total endorsements from Labor on this years endorsement slate! 

2,871,024 Democratic Party citizens registered to vote, 2,052,481 Republicans registered to vote, 19,335 Libertarians registered to vote, and 1,707,128 Unaffiliated registered to vote in North Carolina this election!

Buncombe County was the only County west of Mecklenburg County to be "Blue"- 55.5% for President Obama- 43.1 % for Mitt Romney, and 1.4% other!

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The WNC-CLC, AFL-CIO Finalized their 2012 Political Endorsements at the 09-10-12 meeting.  These candidates will be added to the slate currently endorsed by the National and NC State AFL-CIO.  Read more >>>

The lines of the 2012 Elections have been cast!  Candidates, Parties, Corporations, Citizens,  have sided to their respective lines.

One Party and Corporations stand for "You People"

One Party and Workers stands for "We The People"

Where do you stand!!!

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Every election we here the same old thing- ( This is the most important election ever!).  The truth- it is the most important election ever!  We are a constantly changing Nation, and a constantly changing worker movement.  Candidates change, the world changes, and union member change each and every day.  Issues that are before us are constantly changing!  We win battles, we move forward, and then we fight the same battles again years down the road!  What the Hell is going on!!!  Folks- Workers will be battling till our dying days.  There is no rest period in between, no time to enjoy our accomplishments!  Why- evil, wrong, is always out there and trying to tear down, destroy!  Workers must always fight, must always be vigilant, must always be there!  Will you always be there! Read more >>>

$4,000,000.00 Dollars of Federal Funds (HAVA- Helping Americans Vote Act) will remain frozen in a North Carolina Bank! Read more >>>

On March 21, 2011; Union Leaders from across North Carolina met in Raleigh, NC to hear candidates for Statewide Political Office in NC.

These candidates have a long road ahead of them, but a very important goal of gaining office to help the working men and women of this state!

The North Carolina AFL-CIO along with all of it's affiliates across NC are working hard for working men and women of this state.  We must have political candidates in office sharing and working with all of us on this goal.

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Working men and Women are tired of the Clouds lingering over the NC State and National House and Senate!  We will see the Sun again in 2012~

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Occupy Asheville is still hitting the streets daily, making people aware there are a lot of wrongs that have happened in this country; and have not been answered for yet! 

President Obama after leaving Asheville,NC headed down the mountain to West Wilkes High School in Millers Creek, NC.  The gym was full for his arrival, and security was tight!  I had the pleasure of speaking with several officers and secret service on who the heck I was.  It worked out though and thanks to Lindsay I was not carted off, but allowed in.

Several Union Members were in attendance as well as various state Legislators.  Lt.Governor Walter Dalton was on hand for the event, and WNC-CLC President Mark Case, and UAW# 5285 President Ricky McDowell had a few moments to speak with him, and welcome him to North Carolina!

Later Mark and Ricky met the President and were able to welcome him to North Carolina!

President Obama came to Asheville, NC on 10-17-11 to bring public support to the American Jobs Act!  We have to have this legislation passed in order to turn this country around.  1000's turned out for the Presidents arrival and speech!

Union Members and Community stood as one Welcoming the President to Asheville.

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Who are these people!!  What do they stand for!!!  If you watch Fox News or Bill Riley; they are holligans!!  They should all be jailed!  Outcasts of society!!

If you get to know them you find out they are made up of every age group, and every ethnic group!  They are ordinary citizens just as you or I who have had enough of what is going wrong with this country!  Proud citizens, Proud Americans; who are willing to stand up for their rights!  Proud citizens, Proud Americans; who are trying to change what is wrong with this country, and make it a better place for all of us!  Non-violent change that is infused with sharing information, and getting the facts!  Learning the truth by one on one interaction! 

The WNC-CLC, AFL-CIO is proud to stand up for citizens in their quest for the truth!  The quest to make this a better country and a better society! 

The IBEW and WNC-CLC met with AB Tech President Hank Dunn today on apprentice classes for IBEW members, and forum on campus for Labor Unions and Labor History! Read more >>>

The following attached flier explains the problem with the United States Postal Service. Please review the flier, and send out to friends and family. Too many people are listening to the lies being spread in hopes of busting this public service in order to make it a for profit private company. One dedicated to making a profit for shareholders, not providing a service for US Citizens! The postal service is not supposed to make a profit, it is to function at a break even rate supplying maximum service to citizens at a minimum expense.

The postal service has been supplying the needs of the people, but because of legislative changes- funds have been removed from the Postal Service and placed in the US Treasury. Where did they go, and what were they used for? Why wont the US Government return these overpayments back to the US Postal Service?

HR 1351 is a bill before Congress that corrects the calculations for payments into retiree health care, returns overpayments ( 60-Billion plus) back to the US Postal Service, and makes the US Postal Service solvent well into future years. This bill must be passed in order to protect the US Postal Service, the service that is provided by the US Postal Service, and keeps facilities and employee's in place around the country that provide this service!

HR 2309 is a bill also before Congress that destroys the US Postal Service! This bill will not return overpayment to the US Postal Service, Eliminates Saturday Delivery, a private team (who's team) will evaluate the Postal Service and make decisions as they see fit, cuts workers benefits, allows for the sale of advertisement space on the side of vehicles and facilities (oh can you see it), kills Union contracts and lowers pay and benefits for workers. The Bill From Hell (HR 2309)- contains all that is wrong with this country!

I am proud to report that Congressman Shuler has signed on as co-sponsor of the correct bill (HR 1351). Please contact him and thank him for standing up for the US Post Office, its workforce, and the public! Please also rely to him that the devil's bill- HR 2309 should never see the light of day!

Folks, on September 27, 2011 (12:00 Noon- 5:00 PM), informational pickets will be held in front of nearby post offices to relay this information to the public; Franklin Post Office, Downtown Asheville Post Office, and Downtown Hendersonville Post Office. Please plan to walk the informational picket line with workers and community, picking up informational fliers, and help spreading the truth throughout Western North Carolina. Rallies in support of the USPS will also be carried on all across the country on this day!!!

Be a Part! Protect What is Yours!

Support HR 1351 and make sure it is passed!

Destroy HR 2309- a work of the devil and his minions!

While our soldiers fight oversea's to instill freedom and rights, stand on the battlefields of home and fight to keep them!! Mark V. Case 2011

In appreciation of all that each of you do everyday in support of working men and women!

Mark V. Case
WNC-CLC, AFL-CIO President
APWU 277 Legislative Director Read more >>>

Saving the Postal Service

Call to Action- All Community Activists/ Union Members In WNC- No Excuses-


Support Working Men and Women of this State!

Enough Is Enough!

Red-White-and Blue- Freedom Rally in Asheville- July 17, 2011

This bill is currently in committee and has 133 members of Congress as Co-Sponsors as of 5/26/2011!  This list continues to increase in support and co-sponsorship.  This bill is critical to maintaining postal operations around the country, and the continued employment of a labor workforce. This is a simple bill which provides language for the return of postal funds overpayed to the US Treasury for retiree benefits.  It also provides for a correct calculation method to insure the proper payment into the fund into the future.  We are talking between a 35 to 75 BILLION overpayment by the USPS into the US Treasury!  These funds if properly returned to the USPS maintains the USPS solvency well into the future!  Following is the language of the bill for your review:

Hickory US Mail Processing Plant is proposed to be merged into the Greensboro Processing Plant which is 90 miles away.  This would cause movement of 200 working men and women up to 90 miles away from their homes in order to provide work at other facilities.  Not only would this damage a Hickory Economy that has already been devastated; but anytime you move mail processing operations further away from the public customer, you almost always will incur mail delivery delay!

Please plan on attending the public hearing on this matter.  Support our Union Brothers and Sisters in the Hickory, NC APWU.

Asheville Citizen Times Article

WNC State Legislators will meet together later this month in Raleigh on a resolution submitted to them by the WNC-CLC delegation in Raleigh, NC on February 8-9, 2011.  This resolution would make it State Law that goods or services purchased for use by the State of North Carolina be manufactured/purchased/based in North Carolina.

Rep. Ray Rapp is checking on avenues of submitting this bill as an attachment to similar legislation coming up on this years docket.

Officers and Contact Information

Members of trade unions are joining together to work for passage of the Employee Free Choice Act.  This act supports workers in North Carolina and across the country who are fighting to improve their lives.  Only by passing the Employee Free Choice Act can we fix our broken laws and give all in America a chance at a middle class life.

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